What is Docker?

However, launching Docker containers manually on multiple systems… still so much work to do... So, to make this process more easy, we can automate this process by using Ansible.

What is Ansible?

🔰🔰 HADOOP 🔰🔰

🔰 Partitioning in Linux 🔰

  • The process of dividing a disk into logical areas that can be worked with separately is called partitioning.
  • Creating disk partitions enables you to split your hard drive into multiple sections that act independently.
  • In Linux, users must structure storage devices (USB and hard drives) before using them.
  • Partitioning is also useful when you are installing multiple operating systems on a…

What is Ansible?

What is Webserver?

Document Root

What is Ansible?


  • Ansible should be installed on your system.
  • Managed Nodes (systems on which you want to Configure WebServer) should have Internet Connectivity.

Kubernetes Adoption hits a new high

What Are Neural Networks

  • A branch of machine learning, neural networks (NN), also known as artificial neural networks (ANN), are computational models — essentially algorithms.
  • Neural networks are a set of algorithms, they are designed to mimic the human brain, that is designed to recognize patterns.
  • Every day, highly advanced artificial neural networks (ANNs) and deep learning (DL) algorithms scan through millions of queries and dig through the endless flow of big data.

🔰 Amazon Simple Queue Service 🔰

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